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Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers

Lip fillers have become a trend especially, in the celebrity world, wanting not only to have their teeth look great and shiny, but even lips to complement that smile.

What are Lip Fillers?

This is the treatment done on lips for those who consider having plumper or fuller lips. The procedure is also known as Dermal Filler which helps to shape lips depending on the client’s needs. There are those who would like to have their lips added some volume, and there are those who go for some shaping in the event where their lips are uneven.

Is Lip Filler Safe For Me?

This is a good question to ask before considering going for a Lip Filler. Nowadays, the practice is done in Spa and beautician centers but the problem with you going to those places is whether they are professionally trained to carry any Lip Filler service.

You see, you may get a good deal that favors you pocket-wise, but that may tamper with your natural lips completely and fail to get a reverse procedure. So, Lip Filler is good and a number of people from all walks of life are doing it though cautiously.

You need to go to a professional cosmetic dentist and have a wider consultation on how you would like to have your lips take shape. A cosmetic dentist is a professional who not only deals with dentistry world alone but they are able to deal with the facial outlook to complement your smile.

Is The Procedure Long Lasting?

It is good to consider the long perspective of whether taking Lip Filler will help you to maintain your great look for long or it is a temporary procedure. For Hyalunoric Acid Fillers which is the same is Lip Fillers may go for an extended period of six months. And if you have thin lips, the procedure breaks down faster taking the shortest time.



The Procedure of Lip Fillers

After you have exhausted all the consultation with your cosmetic dentist, the procedure to have your Lip Fillers on takes in between 15 to 20 minutes. The process is swift and without any discomfort for your dentist will give you a numbing cream before anything is started. So, while in the middle of the procedure you stay relaxed, only some small kind of pinch you feel though not painful at all. The injection is done slowly and carefully which again depend on the professionalism of your cosmetic dentist.

What Happens If You Are Not Impressed With Your Fillers

For Lip Fillers, the procedure is easy to fix and so as undoing it. When you realize your cosmetic expert did not do a good job and your fillers are not as you expected, another injection is given. The injection to reverse the process takes only around 5 minutes.

Another thing is if your fillers take a bad shape, it means for only a few months Lip Fillers will have gone back to their normal appearance. The advantage of the procedure is never permanent, either you can try another style if one fails and all will work out successfully.


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